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Risk Assessment for Diabetes/Prediabetes

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How old are you ? qes-bg
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The older your are, The higher you risk are for type 2 Diabetes

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What is your gender ? qes-bg
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Men are more likely then women to have undiagnosed diabetes

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    Have you ever been diagnosed with gestational diabetes?

    Gestational diabetes is type of diabetes that devlop during pragnancy ,However it gose away after pragnancy . But women who have gestational diabetes has increased risk of Devloping type 2 Diabetes


What is your Body mass index ? qes-bg
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people are with heigh BMI are at heigher risk of diabetes

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What is your waist circumference ? qes-bg
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its an indication of abdominal obasity , heighr the circumference higher the risk of devloping type 2 Diabetes

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Does anyone in your Family
(mother, father, sister /brother) have diabetes ? qes-bg
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family history of Diabetes can contribute to your risk of type 2 Diabetes

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Do you usually do 30 mins of daily physical activity –
includes walking/ jogging/ running etc. qes-bg
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Being inactive can increase your risk of type 2 Diabetes

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Have you ever been diagnosed with
high blood pressure OR taking its medications ? qes-bg
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High blood pressure contributes to your overall risk of Type 2 Diabetes

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Are you a Smoker ? qes-bg
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Smoking Devlopes higher risk of dieabetes

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Do you suffer from Stress & Anxiety at workplace/ home ? qes-bg
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Stress, Hypertension are associated with developing lifestyle diseases like diabetes

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