Mulberry Leaf Extract – How it works to manage the risk of Diabetes

The main pillars for diabetes prevention and control are keeping a check on your weight and lifestyle change which includes regular physical activity and healthy eating habits (1) When it comes to following a healthy diet, most of the times we hear of foods ‘NOT’ to include in the diet. But there are certain natural foods known to lower blood sugar levels and manage the risk of diabetes. One such natural food is Mulberry.

Mulberry leaf extract (MLE) has the property to lower blood sugar spike post meal. MLE has active plant compounds which contribute to the beneficial health effects of this plant for those battling diabetes or wanting to manage the risk of diabetes.

In our bodies, carbohydrate from the food gets broken down to simple sugars with the help of certain enzymes. These sugars get absorbed into the bloodstream and cause a spike in blood sugar level. MLE contains 1-deoxynojirimycin which is chemically similar to monosaccharides, and competitively inhibits carbohydrate-digesting enzymes such as αglucosidase. This slows down the breakdown of carbohydrate into sugar thereby reducing the post meal blood sugar level.

This way it helps to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels and lowers the glycaemic index (GI) rate at which the blood sugar level rises] of the meal. (2) In addition to this effect MLE is also shown to reduce post-meal insulin spike by virtue of its effect on lowering blood sugar spike after meal. (3)


Horlicks Diabetes Gummies harness the power of MLE in a simple, easy to eat and convenient format. Horlicks Diabetes Gummies make it easy to embrace and consume MLE in our day to day life.


*Horlicks Diabetes Gummies are not intended to replace any existing medication. To be consumed as a part of balanced daily diet and exercise.


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